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[The Light and Time through a Caption]
21st December 2019 at PLACEMAK, Seoul. 
Curated by Yoonsuk Choi

• • •
CheolWon Chang is a visual artist who explores the invisible side of things. As he explored ways to use the proportion and irregularity of shapes to draw patterns and understand nature reasonably, he became fascinated with science study, especially physics. The beauty of physics that Chang has experienced whenever curiosity about the source of matter has resolved somewhat, CheolWon Chang's view of this world is a wonderful scene where countless universes collide and sometimes synthesize. But scientific knowledge and reflection are not easily linked to artworks. The resigned artist decides to think of science and art separately. Still, he suddenly becomes interested in a portfolio of works, and more specifically, the captions of works in the portfolio. The underlying physical units, such as light and matter, were hidden inside the contents of the work, including the title, year, material, size, and the list goes on. As such, Chang shares his everyday experiences and the scientific and artistic moments lurking within them in the form of lecture-performance.