Lecture-Performance, 'Disaster and Time' 2020.04.30(Thurs.) 4PM Sejong Museum of Art Exhibition Hall 1, Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibition, 'Happiness Finds Me' 2020.04.24 ~ 2020.05.09 Sejong Museum of Art Exhibition Hall 1, Seoul, Korea https://www.sejongpac.or.kr/eng/main/main.do

Lecture-Performance, 'The Light and Time through a Caption' 2019.12.21(Sat.) 3, 6PM PLACEMAK-LASER, Seoul

Group Exhibition, 'Geometry, beyond Simplicity' 2019.03.22 ~ 2019.08.25 Opening Reception : 04.10(Wed.) Museum SAN, Wonju, Korea http://www.museumsan.org/enewweb/

Group Exhibition, 'Artience Daejeon' 2018.10.25 ~ 11.04 Opening Reception : 10.25(Thurs.) 16h Daejeon Culture and Arts Foundation, Daejeon, Korea

Residency Program (June 1 - November 30, 2018 at *KRISS) Cheolwon Chang will be in ‘Artience Daejeon’ for six months from June to November 2018. Artience Daejeon is a residency program where artists collaborate with scientists. KRISS (*Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science) will cooperate with Cheolwon Chang, a South Korean research institute that develops the technology for measuring standard physical units for areas such as mass, time and energy.

Artist-Scientist Joint Seminar (May 17, 2018 at *KIAS) The ‘Artist-Scientist Joint Seminar’ is a trans-disciplinary program co-organized by KIAS physicists and artists, where scientists and artists each present their own researches and share ideas. At the seminar, Cheolwon Chang presented his research themed ‘three minimum units’. *Korea Institute for Advanced Study

Artist Talk (May 14, 2018 at Total Museum) At Total Museum located in Seoul, Cheolwon Chang introduced his works to some artists, critics and curators. During this one and a half hours-long presentation, Chang broadly covered the history of his artworks starting from early works to current developments. Chang spoke about his investigations at CERN’s Antimatter Factory, ATLAS, CMS, CERN Control Center, and DUNE(Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment). http://www.totalmuseum.org

Cheolwon Chang is awarded the Accelerate Korea Award, 2017 * ACCELERATE Korea Award is the first opportunity for a South Korean artist to carry out artistic research in the field of visual arts inspired by the world of particle physics in intense dialog with the scientists of CERN. Arts at CERN is CERN's official engagement with the arts since 2010. CERN is the particle physics laboratory, home of the Large Hadron Collider. https://arts.cern

Group Exhibition, '2nd New Drawing Project' 2017.01.26 ~ 04.16 Opening Reception : 02.03(Fri.) 16h Chang Ucchin Museum of Art, Yangju, Korea http://www.yangju.go.kr/changucchin/index.do

KBS 1TV 'Culture Promenade', October 17, 2016

Open Studio, 'PASSAGE_PASS-AGE' 2016.10.21 ~ 10.23 Artist talk : 10.23(Sun.) 11h 14 Route de Pontoise, Vaux-sur-Seine, France

Open Studio, 'PASSAGE_PASS-AGE' 2016.10.21 ~ 10.23 Artist talk : 10.23(Sun.) 11h 14 Route de Pontoise, Vaux-sur-Seine, France

Dong-A Business Review(DBR) Cover January 2016

Group Exhibition, 'The First' 2015.04.21 ~ 05.31 Opening Reception : 04.24(Fri.) 17h Seoul Art Foundation, Seoul, Korea http://www.seoulartfoundation.com

Group Exhibition, 'Korea Tomorrow' 2014.10.09 ~ 11.02 Opening Reception : 10.08(Weds.) 17h Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP), Seoul, Korea (+82)2-567-6070 http://www.koreatomorrow.org/en/home

Public Art Magazine p.96~99 September 2014 http://www.artinpost.co.kr

Solo Exhibition, 'Architecture of Illusion' 2014.07.15 ~ 08.14 Opening Reception : 07.16(Weds.) 17h Gallery Absinthe, Seoul, Korea http://www.galleryabsinthe.com

Group Exhibition, 'NEW HERO' 2014.04.30 ~ 05.16 Opening Reception : 04.30(Weds.) 16h INTERPARK Bluesqare NEMO, Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibition, 'Let's Hang Whatever You Can Carry' 2013.05.10 ~ 05.26 / 11:00 ~ 19:00 Space O'NewWall, Seoul, Korea http://onewwall.com